Carqon meets the highest quality and safety requirements

Protective strong box

Protect what you hold dear. This starts with a high sturdy box in which children feel safe and secure. The Carqon box is made of strong, recyclable HDPE plastic and can accommodate two children plus a baby (in Maxi Cosi). A safe place for your children with three-point safety belts, a removable bench, a soft top touch coating on the inside, anti-slip floor and double drainage and the unique Carqon children's door for easy entrance.

Superior brake performance

Carqon's braking performance is comparable to that of mountain bikes and speed pedelecs. On both front and rear wheels, the Carqon is equipped with ultra-powerful Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes. Each disc provides direct and constant braking power at four different points. With this proven technology, you can confidently hit the road and respond to any unexpected situation with lightning speed.

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Smooth and direct steering

To ensure a direct and smooth steering experience, Carqon uses a double steering cable mechanism, normally used in automotive. The double-cable control system is installed on each side for double safety. All four cables are made of high-quality stainless steel. In addition, the cables are injected with oil to prevent cables from freezing. Thanks to the direct steering mechanism, a small turning circle is possible, which is a great advantage when parking your bicycle.

Seeing and being seen

Carqon is equipped with the elegant and powerful Axendo range from Spanniga for optimum visibility for fellow road users, especially in the dark! The lights are distinguished by their design and powerful light output. Visibility to others in the dark up to 400 meter. On top of that, reflector are incorporated in pedals, tires, mudguard, and in the logo on the sides of the box to ensure 360° visibility. No compromises on safety.

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