Meet the Carqon Cruise cargo bike

Lightweight, comfortable and super safe

Carqon, for you and your children.

Carqon is especially for parents who want to get the best out of their family life. Our cargo bikes offer the quality, safety and comfort to enjoy together as much as possible on the road.

The Carqon Classic

A stylish and robust electric cargo bike. Super safe thanks to the high body with a unique integrated children’s door.

The Carqon Cruise

A stylish and reliable electric cargo bike. Lightweight, comfortable, and super safe.

The Carqon Flatbed

An all-rounder with powerful Bosch electric assistance, offering transport possibilities for all goods you can imagine.

Experience the Carqon yourself

Carqon is available through an exclusive selection of Carqon dealers. Schedule a test ride at a Carqon dealer in your area.

Want to know more about Carqon?

Carqon was founded with the ambition to develop a superior cargo bike that sets a new standard in design, functionality and technology..