Carqon, the ultimate family cargo bike

Designed to conquer the streets with your children

Carqon was founded with the ambition to develop a superior cargo bike that sets a new standard in design, functionality, and technology.


Carqon cargo bike.
A class of its own

Distinctive as a whole, thought out in the smallest detail. Each part has been carefully designed, built and tested to provide you and your children with the best cargo bike experience out there.

Carqon, The Verge

‘The most fun you can have with a door!'

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Perfectly safe cargo bike in every way

Carqon guarantees you the most safe and reliable cargo bike experience every day. The design, construction and premium parts are of the highest quality and safety requirements to offer you and your family optimum protection in traffic.

‘Carqon is available through an exclusive selection of Carqon dealers.’

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Discover a new freedom

Thanks to the optimal pedal assistance and impressive range of 120 kilometers, you can cycle smoothly and quickly through daily traffic. With the Carqon you get everything done twice as fast. With and without your children.

Experience the Carqon yourself

Carqon is available through an exclusive selection of Carqon dealers.